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tv   WBZ News  CBS  November 18, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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president-elect donald trump has settled a lawsuit over trump university. the class action lawsuit claims that trump university failed to keeps it promise to teach success the cost of the settlement, $25 million but the president-elect does not have to admit wrongdoing. and patriots's tight end rob gronkowski is officially out against the 49ers' game in california and chris hogan will miss the game as well with a back problem. and now at 5:30, a bourne teenager accused of attacking a
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the girl said she was grabbed in behind, thrown to the ground and strangled. >> the two are actually neighbors. bill shields has more. >> the victim in the case is a 14-year-old girl. >> reporter: the suspect, 18- year-old john allen of bowrp. policesay he assaulted a young girl and may have tried to kidnap her. >> the perpetrator tackled her from behind and placed his arm around her neck applying pressure and attempted to pull her back toward the perpetrator's vehicle. >> reporter: it was last week in bourne when the preap-year- old girl was walking to her bus when someone got out of a blue car and attacked her, throwing her to the ground and strangling her. >> attempt kidnapping of a child. >> reporter: the main manslaughter was another 13- year-old student. defense attorneys said there
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story and she could not identify john allen. >> the defendant photo was in the photo array and she failed to identify anyone in the photo array. >> reporter: al 7 the co- captain of the football team at his high school. the superintendent schedule he was an >> he doesn't do -- didn't do it. >> reporter: his mother is standing by him. >> i love him. i support him. a man woke up from a deep sleep to find a would-be burglar in his home. the homeowner said he heard noise, looked outside his bedroom and saw a stranger in the kitchen and the man quickly
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>> i heard something to wake me up and i looked and saw someone peeking around the corner. >> in your kitchen? >> yeah, and i ahead, and said hey and he took off and he ran up the bill. >> police don't have reports of other break ins in the area. it's only been running for a couple of days but the attorney general's anti- harassment hotline has already received 300 calls of receiving bullying or threats because of their race. an interracial couple in winthrop had a windshield smashed. they believe they were targeted. three teen girls remember charged with attacking a woman on the red line and telling her to, quote, go back to their own country, and a derry, new hampshire woman with a bi- racial son discovered racial slurs on her property.
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is front and senator, and tomorrow, mayor walsh will address race relations. he told me in our interview he'll take his cue from what residents want to talk about in early meetings. it's likely educational opportunity will be front and center. we asked mayor walsh of how defeat of ballot number 2, lifting the cap off charter schools might go many boston families of color who have kids on long, long charter school waiting lists. but they are not going to get the opportunity because you and other opponents of lifting the charter school caps prevailed on election day. why don't you speak to them? >> i didn't get the opportunity because we have charter schools in boston. >> reporter: there are mondays on the waiting list. >> no, there are not. >> reporter: thousands. >> hopefully, the legislature will address this properly. >> reporter: in the meantime,
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luck. >> no. the meantime, the families have an opportunity to go to school. >> reporter: they have judged that inferior. >> i wouldn't say inferior. they are pursuing options. >> reporter: why would are you pursuing options? >> you have it based on parents who choose the system and schools for different reasons. >> reporter: wa that the school's problems and response to them are complicated and so are the lingering racial issues. the dialogue tomorrow will not be an easy ride. liam? >> thank you, jon. the movie "patriots's day" about the boston marathon bombing received a standing ovation in los angeles. after the film, mark wahlberg was joined on stage by the
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analyst ed davis. patriots's day is produced by our sister company. if you don't earn at least $86,000 a year, buying a home in boston might be next to impossible. a mortgage website compiled a list of in san francisco, l.a., and san diego, but boston ranked 4th, even ahead of new york city. on the flip side if you make $32,000 a year you can afford to buy a home in pittsburgh. >> that's good news. mass dot will stop all tollbooth demolition work at 5:00 on wednesday morning. originally, they were scheduled to work through noon and nearly
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to travel through the holiday. >> they are ahead of schedule. it's been very fast. and a new warning about pre- cut salad. >> the hidden dangers that might be lurking in the convenience bags. >> and what makes this disney display unique. >> and an emotional day for wednesday's child who found his forever family. and we are getting into the holiday spirit at faneuil hall. we are thinking maybe snow we have a school yard shout out in bellericka. want to say hello to parker elementary doing the parker pledge. a great school visit. we'll talk about the cold on
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on the money watch, the threat of a strike at one of
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hundreds of workers at o'hare in chicago were fighting for a wage increase and union rights. and it includes baggage handlers and janitors. the workers have not decided when to strike. the airport insists it's not expected to impact the travel for the holidays. and a study shows that pre- cut bagged salad may be more at risk for salmon lettuce leaves can cause bacteria to grow. airbnb is hoping to become a 1-stop shop for travel selling local tours and activities like surfing lessons or cooking classes to help the users experience the city they visit. still ahead, a customer steps in to stop a convenience store crime. >> the confrontation caught on camera. and coming up at 6:00, the video that shocked our
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a washington state man stepping robber. surveillance cameras captured this thief pulling out his gun in the convenience store. the customer attacked him, pushing him away. the crooks took off without hurting anyone. winter weather is causing big problems in evergreen, colorado. look at that, 20 vehicles involved in an accident should you get down both directions of i-70 but the good news, there
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debuting the first drone hole light show. 300 drones worked together to create the holiday scene over the water at walt disney world. pretty cool and we'll have a light show of our own. >> we do, and i feel special this evening. >> why? >> eric broke out the snowsuit just for us. >> i heard rumors about it, and there it is. s that awesome. >> reporter: dusting the flurries off a bit. [laughter] i know you would appreciate it. we are talking about the holidays and getting into the season and sometimes you grumble about winter and the colder and darker days that will come but you have to take advantage of it, make the most of it and enjoy it. and no question. we will be talking about the full winter outlook tonight at wbz at 11:00.
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way above average. and not near record territory. we can hit the 70s. here is the headlines. tomorrow is the pick of the weekend, the yard work to do, raking. the cold air moves in on sunday, and we might see a few snowflakes, much like the suit in the sky and chilly weather will settle in for thanksgiving week, a big pattern change. tonight, mainly clear and quiet and falling into 40s in downtown boston, a northerly breeze at 5 to 15. and look at the weekend tomorrow, increasing clouds from east to west, so central massachusetts, northern new england, and near the coastline, clouds will creep in faster, and sunday, a few rain showers, windy and colder as the temps fall through the 40s, a big change.
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skies and a mist moving off the harbor but temperatures, not very cold. we'll be around 49 at 8:00 p.m. when the snow starts and 47 if you are hanging out afterwards. here is the pattern change. warm air in the east tomorrow and sunday, the cold is charging in. it's a wintery air mass that will bring in a lot of wind from lake-effect snow and significant snow in the adirondacks and the mountains of vermont. here's a look at the for saturday. you can see the low ocean clouds in southeast mass by the morning and they charge inland at sunset and the clouds will overtake the area with mist tomorrow night. a few rain showers on sunday morning and the cold air will pour in with a chance of snowflakes with most of them if the berkshires and mass snow and in worcester county and
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just a sign of the changing times. the skis in vermont are working very well. and killington will hold the fifa world cup next weekend. monday, the coldest day, blustery and chilly oned it, and we are watching a system that may be nearby on thanksgiving thursday, but we'll update that as we ge closer. we have eugene fallonetti, a generous man and the proud owner of the tree behind us. how are you doing, gene? >> very good. >> reporter: you are from around scranton, pennsylvania and this has been in your yard for years and years. how old is the tree? >> the tree i believe is 85 years old. >> reporter: and you are making up the tree to see it lit up? >> it's worth the trip. >> reporter: what do you expect tomorrow night?
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that's all. >> reporter: say again? >> a little fun. >> reporter: for sure we can manage that. i think it's interesting that the tree is 85 and tomorrow is a bit of a special day for you as well. >> it's a birthday. >> reporter: mem. oh, a birthday. how old are you turning tomorrow? >> 86. >> reporter: so you have a few months on this tree. >> i do. >> reporter: who has more stories to tell? >> i do. >> reporter: you man of a few words. >> i am really enjoying it. i'm having a ball. >> reporter: we hope you are enjoying yourself and you enjoy yourself tomorrow. eugene, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> reporter: and the tree lighting tomorrow at 8:00. >> and a very happy birthday to eugene. if you can't wait to dig
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gourmet has ideas. >> reporter: fresh turkey breast smoked on site and smothered in gravy. >> we'll serve with stuffy, cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes. and it's like thanksgiving because it's very large portions. >> reporter: victor's deli in somerville is known for hearty home style cooking like at loaf, stuffed peppers and hand- carved dinners. >> it's like eating food that you cooked yourself. >> reporter: at the jetty in marshfield, the popular turkey and zucchini burger features a comnaifergz israeli, greek, and lebanese flavors stuffed inside a brioche bun, but phantom's
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hampshire with 500 seats that will all be filled on thanksgiving day. you can see the phantom on my tv 38. get the butter. massachusetts has lobster day. the industry is crucial to our state economy. last year, massachusetts fishermen brought in more than $78 million worth of lobster. we are all willing to do our lobster. a special boy has just found his forever family. >> the moment he has hoped for is now a reality. breaking news at 6:00, after missing three practices, rob i -- gronkowski is out for sunday's game, and a hit and run caught on camera. it's disturbing. the victim is 72 years old and we're live with the latest on the investigation and clues
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it's the happiest days, a
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the 125 children who found forever families on this national adoption day. and you may remember one of those children because we met him. >> jack williams introduced us to mikey last year and today is the day we all hoped for. >> reporter: it was a day for marching bands, balloons, and lots of applause. for 5-year-old mikey, it day of love from his new parents, denise and gary. >> this is fantastic. >> he has come a long way. >> reporter: mikey's new big brother, jay, got in on the on the festivities asking if he could help. >> lord knows i could use the
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introduced last year with jack williams with a personal appeal. >> i know we are searching for a miracle but this child needs to be loved. >> reporter: denise was hooked when she looked in his eyes. >> i think showing kids on wednesday's child like mikey, what it does is educate the public about who these children are. >> reporter: it's a special day. these families stand up to a commitment to children. >> they call in love with the kids. >> they're great. they deserve a chance. >> it's a great thing that we have an opportunity to, you know, have another child in the house. >> reporter: jake has a message for his little brother. >> you're home now. >> so important. and you can meet the kids here every week on wednesday's child.
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williams had a success a year later. >> the best they think we do. please stay with us. we have much more ahead. >> the news at 6:00 starts now. someone calls in a i have lept threat at boston university. and a 72-year-old woman is hit and the driver takes off. gronk a no go for the game and he is not the only one out. plus. the odds are 100 2020. tom brady's dad opening up about the secret to tom's success and deflate gate. the news at 60:00 starts right now. and our breaking news tonight surrounds the patriotss. gronk is out after the hard hit during last week's game. he isn't the only player missing sunday against the
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breaking details. dan? >> reporter: it's not upexpected after the way things unfolded, not a shot. gronk hasn't practiced all week and is officially out against the game with the 49ers. earl thomas just leveled gronk and said after the game he have the wind knocked out of him. reports on monday said he had a punctured lung but the patriots said he had to be out, this sunday is it as the pats take on the 49ers' team with one win so far this season. >> it's kind of the meaty part of the schedule and not the second week of the year. we fought through it with a chance to separate yourself with your mental toughness and ability to play through different things and situations
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without chris hogan also with a back problem. and on the plus side. lewis did travel with the team and can make his season debut on sunday. that would be a big boost. i'm dan roche, wbz sports. students evacuated, police rushing in. >> i saw there was a s.w.a.t. team and dogs and ambulances, helicopters. >> definitely with everything going on in the past couple scary. >> a campus threat turns out to be a hoax. >> it's very alarming, and that's why you can see how serious we took it. >> tonight, the latest on the investigation into the scare. this threat came in over the telephone and generated, as you can see, a huge police response 72 dozens of officers and s.w.a.t. teams raced to the scene prepared for the worst and it wasn't until an hour later that they learned the whole thing


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